Rustic Weddings and DIY Mason Jars!

We have recently become obsessed with uncovering ideas and images from the growing trend of Rustic  themed weddings. The typical rustic wedding takes places preferably outdoors or in an open venue such as a barn, farmhouse, garden, Historic Inn or vineyard.

Many brides adorn the venue with rustic themed favors, flowers and fabrics to create  garden or rustic appeal. One of the ever so popular favors that are attached to this theme are Mason jars. Brides have become pretty creative on ways  to utilize them throughout the entire wedding!

They can serve as a vase for holding bridal flowers or table arrangements, used as votives for candles, or better yet, to hold sweet treats from the favor bar!

Here are a couple of GREAT websites that explain how to utilize Mason jars to complete your perfect Rustic wedding (even some FREE labels found on Southern Weddings provided by Yours Is The Earth) or how to utilize them in every day life! For more instructions on “how to” click on the picture and you will be re-directed to the website!



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